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Ho Hui May

Great service, reliable, fuss-free, excellent communication, everything was completed on time. They also had the lowest quote! Gabriel the ID would clearly explain if an item is to incur additional cost and get my approval before proceeding. Thank you for a wonderful job Gabriel and Ling!

Zhang Endong

Referred by a friend, and after the project I totally could tell why they are popular among our friends and colleagues: reasonable pricing, always try to have the best deal for the customers, patiently listen to your requirements and give good suggestions, on-time delivery. Highly recommend!

Edward Isaac Gunalan

From start to finish, Jeremy never failed to meet and even exceed our expectations. He and his team were attentive to our needs and were open to our crazy (sometimes last-minute) suggestions... We were really happy to find someone whose style matched ours - a good mix of laid-back and on the ball.

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Our clients love Omni Design as we make it a point to ensure that all fees are transparent. Any charges have to be approved by you beforehand.

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As Omni Design is certified by CaseTrust, you can be rest assured that your money is safe throughout the interior design process.

Two Year Workmanship Guarantee

All renovation work & workmanship is guaranteed by a 2 year warranty, our clients love this warranty as it gives them a peace of mind.

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