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BTO renovation ideas

Owning a property is an exciting, expensive, and long journey, especially in Singapore. After getting a BTO house, You may spend a huge chunk of your savings on renovation. So BTO renovation can be quite costly and time-consuming. If you don’t have any renovation ideas, Omni Interior Design could sincerely introduce some BTO renovation ideas to you.

Scandinavian Design Renovation Ideas

This type of Scandinavian design from the mid-1950s. Its features are white walls, wood floors, modern furniture, and maximizing the light streaming through large windows. Scandinavian design is seemingly the most popular design style among Singaporeans.

  1. Scandinavian style for 3 room BTO

This 3 room BTO uses wooden furniture and flooring, the huge windows bring maximum sunlight to pour into the home.

  1. Scandinavian style for 4 room BTO

This home integrates the most features of Scandinavian design through white and wood surfaces.It also uses a mirror to extend the natural light quantity in the room – an important part of this theme.

  1. Scandinavian style for 5 room BTO

This learning room uses white furniture and wooden flooring. Large space and natural lighting environment can make it easier for reading.

Modern Design Renovation Ideas

Modern design is a designated period from the early to the mid-20th century. It refers to a home with clean, crisp lines, simple color furniture, or the use of materials that can include metal, glass and steel.

  1. Modern style for 3 room BTO

This amazing BTO flat utilizes neutral colors like white and grey to make space look more layering and modern. The white marble dining table and ball ceiling light help to round off the stylish look of the home.

  1. Modern style for 4 room BTO

This 4 room BTO uses a variety of colors and textures to make things beautiful. The white-green striped walls and dark floors built a strong modern feel.

  1. Modern style for 5 room BTO

The mixed color rug in the middle of the room adds visual interest to space while complementing the neutral color scheme. Similar, the circle ceiling light and glass table to add a splash of color and texture to the room.

Minimalistic Design Renovation Ideas

The minimalistic design concept is one of the popular designs here in Singapore. It means notions of modern design and simplifies them further. Color palettes are neutral, furnishings are simple and streamlined, and don’t use excessive or flamboyant accessories or décor.

  1. Minimalistic style for 3 room BTO

This minimalistic 3 room BTO uses a traditional minimalist color scheme composed of white and black. It also makes use of a wooden dining table as a nice contrast to the monochromatic color palette.

  1. Minimalistic style for 4 room BTO

This design style is simple, the owner knows how to scale down on unnecessary furniture and fittings. This 4 room BTO features a simple built-in TV console and grey couch, and black dining table, giving the space a claim and attractive feel.

  1. Minimalistic style for 5 room BTO

In this design, the oil painting on the wall helps to prevent the home from looking bare and adds a subtle artistic element to it. It also serves as the focal point of this minimalistic designed space, creating visual interest.

Contemporary Design Renovation Ideas

A contemporary style is defined by simplicity, subtle sophistication, using texture, and clean lines. It shows space rather than things. The main colors are neutrals, black and white in a contemporary style.

  1. Contemporary style for 3 room BTO

This home uses wooden flooring, grey furniture, a classical-style sofa, and a ceiling fan to create a contemporary style.

  1. Contemporary style for 4 room BTO

This is a Contemporary classical style, using the color of white and grey and adding a classical sofa. The TV console has a sense of design. The whole space looks layered.

  1. Contemporary style for 5 room BTO

This home uses simple furniture and a sofa, and a floor lamp. Space looks big and clean. It’s very impressive to everyone.

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