You deserve an interior design firm you can trust.

Welcome to Omni Design.

1. Consultation

We'll take the time to learn about how you wish to use the property, your personal style, lifestyle and aspirations.

2. Design Concept

This is a collaborative stage where we will share concepts, floor plans and mood boards with you. We aim to collaborate, not instruct.

3. Detailing & Budgeting

At this stage we will also present a fully itemised breakdown of costs in line with the agreed budget, getting your approval before starting work.

4. Building & Finalisation

Works will commence and our project coordinators and designers will attend regular site meetings to ensure our designs are perfect.

about omni design

Omni Design is the leading interior design firm for Singaporeans that are looking to build an elegant home at prices that make sense. We’ve made it our purpose to refine and master the art of achieving the look you want at a price you can afford.

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